People & Process

Personnel + Process + Technology = Success

CBS takes pride through performance, and values each client we serve.

In managing a wide variety of healthcare providers, CBS strives to offer each client individual attention and fantastic service

CBS has high expectations for its qualified staff of professionals as they serve each client.  As a team, CBS knows the best way to obtain its clients’ utmost satisfaction – providing excellence each and every day.

From experience, through resolving a wide range of issues within clients’ facilities, CBS has come to the realization that many clients deal with issues common in all facilities such as misunderstanding and communication breakdowns between departments.  CBS staff can assist in bridging the gaps that commonly cause issues of disharmony.  CBS staff listens to, and works with the heart of the clients’ staff that is exposed to these day-to-day problems.  CBS analyzes their ideas and incorporates their ideas into a working model.

CBS knows that our clients share a common goal – “COLLECT REVENUE.”  While financial directors ask their billing departments to focus on billing and generating revenue, denials stack up and create a backlog of DETECTIVE WORK!  Over the years, CBS has learned that what our clients really need from us is to “FOCUS ON WHAT IS CAUSING UNPAID CLAIMS and CORRECT IT!”