Anesthesiology & Pain Management Billing

Compliance Billing Specialist (CBS) is widely-focused on Anesthesia Billing and Practice Management services.  We provide our clients with the optimal business tools to improve their business process and enhance cash flow — all while keeping pace with changes within the healthcare environment.

CBS can provide you a free practice analysis to assess the revenue potential of your practice, and compare it to current performance levels.

Anesthesia billing and Pain Management Practice Management has traditionally been accomplished in one of two ways: either a group practice made the investment in people or technology to do its own billing, or the practice contracted with an outsourced provider of accounts receivable management services.  There are various schools of thought as to which option makes the most sense for what kind of practice.  Let CBS consult with you to see what best fits your goals in this area of healthcare services.

Due to this fundamental divide in the industry, there are two types of vendors servicing the Accounts Receivable management needs of anesthesia practices: those that sell billing and management software, and those that provide a full out-sourced management solution.

Let CBS full outsourcing management services offer a software and technology package solution that will well fit any budget.  Our fees are commonly based on a percentage of collections.  We also offer a wide range of hardware & software solutions if you choose that best fits your practice.