Pharmacy Billing

Not surprisingly, state and federal governments as well as consumers are aggressively protecting their wallets as they weather tough economic times.  Such belt-tightening efforts have led states, the federal government, and private citizens lately to take legal action against pharmacies for alleged violations of consumer protection laws, including laws regulating prescription drug pricing practices.  The combination of busy pharmacists and outdated billing programs could potentially expose pharmacies to allegations of billing improprieties given these recent developments.  Pharmacies would be well advised, therefore, to take action now to guard against the risk of legal action that may flow from such practices.

Our billing service provides a very high rate of reimbursement for all payor types including Medi-Cal, CHDP, and CCS.

CBS can Assist In Special Projects:

CBS has assisted several major hospital facilities in the area of collecting OLD Pharmacy charges billed to CCS and CCS/Medi-Cal accounts that had been adjusted off due to timely filing.  CBS was able to re-capture these revenues, with detailed and intense research, to determine if the errors were due to Medi-Cal’s BLACK HOLE that we all know exists.