Ancillary Billing Services

CBS reviews the many variables and criteria for billing Ancillary Services.  This includes Medicare Part A & Part B billing, HMO, and PPO requirements for radiology, vaccines, mammography screens, waived laboratory tests, ambulance services, and much more.

Keeping current knowledge of coverage, criteria, and documentation requirements with all payors is a huge task for any provider of healthcare; CBS takes on this issue and provides accurate and timely information of changes to the ancillary services they may provide.  HCFA 1500 & UB-04 forms are sent out clean with appropriate CPT, ICD-10, and modifiers.  CBS’ goal is to reduce denials and streamline the billing process for all our clients as well as keep its clients informed.

In today’s healthcare, providers need an advocate to assist them in keeping current with the day-to-day changes in coding & documentation requirements for the various procedures they perform.  CBS provides weekly and monthly reports updating its clients of these changes as they occur to prevent loss of revenue to their practices/groups.