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Credentialing Services | Compliance Billing Specialist

Credentialing Services

CBS understands the complicity of credentialing, the task and details involved, the time consumed, and the need for precise and detailed information when applying for participating provider status.

CBS has been credentialing providers not only in California, but also in other States for many years and understands the process needed to successfully credential any provider in the industry.

Services CBS provides that will help you obtain credentialing:

  • Obtaining appropriate forms for various/specific payors
  • Assistance with retrieving all necessary information to complete all applications
  • Following a set protocol to ensure having all information required by the payors
  • Following your application status at all times
  • Notifying of participating status (once the application is approved)
  • Reviewing a current or potential contract to assure a “maximum reimbursement agreement” as well as one that will fit the provider’s practice

CBS is proud to offer this service with the best tools to ensure processing of applications and approval for payors.