Orthopedic Billing

CBS, along with its Compliance Attorneys and Certified Professional Coders, has created an “Initial Review Process” for all Orthopedic Physicians and Surgeons.  This review will indicate to CBS which areas need special attention in regards to dictation, progress notes documentation, and diagnosis coding for procedures performed.  Our Compliance Team assists the physician/group in becoming Medicare compliant, resulting in less stress in the event of an audit.

In general, CBS understands that most Orthopedic services are Medicare Prime, Workers Compensation, and/or Third Party Accident Patients.  Keeping up with the day-to-day paperwork can become time consuming and tedious for any biller.  CBS has policies and processes in place to keep our clients’ records organized.  The company also has processes to work with its clients to set up the same practice within their own offices for timely and proficient follow-up to Green Liens and Third Party Liens.