Urology Billing

Did you know most urology practices leave 10-20 percent (conservatively) in reimbursements on-the-table due to poor process, staff skill levels, lack of technology, and ineffective management?

As man physicians know, the Urology medical billing services are varied and a intricate specialty.  There are a wide variety of services locales (e.g. in-office procedures, nursing home visits, consultations in the hospital, etc.), and complex surgical procedures, al of which requires a medical biller that truly has a sharp eye for detail.

Urology medical billing is highly complex and ever changing.  Confronting declining payments, increasing patient responsibility, and increased operational costs, requires efficient and accurate medical billing procedures.  Payor differences in the treatment of infusion immunotherapy, postoperative complications, urodynamics, etc., leave practices under qualified and frequently understaffed to bill effectively.

CBS is well versed in the nuances of Urology billing. Whether you’re billing Medicare for a non-screening PSA, or advanced prostate cancer immunotherapy, or just working to structure your out of network charges, CBS is there.  For more than 15 years, CBS has been working hand in hand with urologists nationwide to maximize reimbursement, reduce costs and streamline practice operations.  CBS will work to identify problem areas such as the correct use of modifiers, and educate your practice on best in class billing practices and procedures.

Our team of certified medical coders and billing experts will manage all aspects of your Urology practice’s billing, to help ensure your practice receives proper compensation for services provided.