Gastroenterology Billing

Did you know that a billing a colonoscopy requires noting advancement beyond the splenic flexure?  Otherwise, documentation will only support a sigmoidoscopy.

Accurate medical billing and coding for Gastroenterology is challenging and requires a high level of knowledge to ensure maximum reimbursement.   These challenges include billing for colorectal cancer screenings vs. colonoscopies, motility and GI function studies, documenting proper levels of Evaluation and Management Services, category III codes for treatment of GERD, and applying the use of modifiers 51, 59, and 26.

In addition, gastroenterology billing and endoscopy billing requires the ability to effectively track underpayments.  This requirement often exceeds the capabilities of generic billing software and practice billing staff.  GI practices not effectively targeting underpayments typically see 7%-10% lower levels of reimbursement.

CBS is well versed in both gastroenterology billing and endoscopy billing.  From our ongoing involvement with The American Gastroenterological Association to our team of gastroenterology medical billing and coding specialists, CBS will work in conjunction with your practice to ensure you receive maximum reimbursement for services provided.  CBS will identify problem areas such as the correct use of modifiers, evaluate underpayments, and manage all aspects of your practice’s billing.