Medical Billing Services

Compliance Billing Specialist, Inc. (CBS) takes great pride in its staff, technology, and service.  At all times, CBS keeps all clients’ business information confidential and its billing HIPAA compliant.   CBS has Professional Attorneys on staff with clinical expertise in the area of healthcare as well as Licensed & Certified Coders.  All Medical Billing Specialists must be certified by a Private post secondary school and have a minimum of 3-year experience in their area of billing.

CBS Billing Department strives to be experienced in all areas of Medicare, Medi-Cal, Medicaid, HMO, and PPO billing, requiring all Medical Billers & Coders to have Mandatory Continuing HealthCare Education in all areas of Medical Billing each year, so that they can be informed of the endless changes healthcare reform continues to demand.

Knowing that not all medical billing is the same for all healthcare providers is important.  CBS places focus on obtaining qualified personnel, who are proficient in their area of expertise of the practice they are assigned as this is crucial in successful billing.

CBS doesn’t treat any of its clients like a number.  CBS billing staff is personable and takes pride in creating a one-on-one business relationship with their clients to assist in training, information, and process improvement to workflow for a better running practice.