Chiropractic Billing

Fortunately, there are not many changes to the new 2013 CPT Codes that will affect chiropractors.  However there are some clarifications and updates that will affect some chiropractic practices.

If you take X-rays within your office, be aware of the following specifications to these CPT codes for 2013.

Radiology Codes

If you take x-rays in your chiropractic office, be careful!  These codes have been “clarified” to reflect the correct number of views per code:

72040  = 3 views or less

(The old version read 2 or 3 views.)

72050 = 4 or 5 views

(The old version read minimum 4 views.)

72052 = 6 or more views

(The old version read complete, including oblique and flexion and/or extension studies.  Notice that there are now no specific references to which views you must take, just a minimum number.)

CBS prides itself with obtaining specific medical billers, who focus strictly on Chiropractic services and procedures.  Their dedication along with CBS’ focus on compliant and timely processes when billing any insurance, allows you to have a peace of mind that your billing is being performed by a professional, who knows your particular type of business.