Physician Billing Services

CBS recognizes account receivable management requires review and training in the many areas of a physician’s service.  CBS works to: 1) assure all areas are reviewed, 2) make recommendations to modify any procedure as needed (into a workable process), and 3) assist with the implementation of policies and procedures after proposed processes are approved.

Areas of Review:

Reimbursement Contracts                                       Fee Schedules/Fee Tickets

Billing Software                                                      CPT Coding 

Cash Collections of Patient Liability Payments          ICD-10 Coding

Billing Policies and Procedures                                Existing Account Receivables

Insurance Verification Practices                               Current Billing Practices


CBS offers assistance with all aspects of a practice with regards to accounts receivable.  Many billing services do not want to assist a practice with existing A/R (wanting to bill and collect on current/new billings only).  CBS offers a complete servicing of a practice’s A/R.  Retro-account receivables are costly to resolve with said accounts being very labor intensive.  CBS will not only advise a client on current collection processes, but will also collect the retro A/R.

Included in our scope of services, CBS offers a tiered service agreement to allow a practice to assign part of, or all billing and collection processes.  CBS will structure any agreement to best suit the client’s needs.

In a multi-specialty practice with many physicians, it is important to track each physician practice as a separate entity within the medical group.  CBS has implemented a billing platform in which it is possible to establish each physician with a separate A/R, or track each physician within the practice A/R.

Monthly reporting consists of A/R trends, charge usage details, payment and adjustment tracking, and A/R processes.  CBS meets monthly with the designated representative of the client to present an activity and tracking report, answer any questions, and offer recommendations for process improvement.