Ambulatory Surgical Center (ASC) Billing

Analyzing and dissecting your A/R aging is what our representatives are trained to do.  Their sole function is to quickly and successfully increase your center’s profitability.  It’s not the hours we work in a day that count, which are certainly long, but it’s the work we put into those hours every day.  Your A/R is our A/R.

CBS has the capability to create custom reports that go above and beyond what your management software can currently generate.  Our clients have access to print or view these reports quickly.  CBS understands that it is imperative to have the ability to monitor and evaluate average cash per case or cash per case by procedure, volume, trending by payer, payment and write off analysis, aging claims or a general summary of all of these items in one report anytime or date range you need, in addition to even greater detail that our reports provide.

CBS’ certified and licensed team of medical billers and coders takes pride offering great care and personal attention of its clients and in being incredibly responsive to their every need.  Our employees are extremely passionate about what they do, and that is easy to see when you interact with them.  We recognize that this is easy to claim but hard to prove, but CBS goes above and beyond by dedicating one of its team members to your practice, providing weekly and monthly details about your specific practice.  No more going through various people to find out issues and concerns you may have, CBS doesn’t want you to feel like a number but a true business partner striving for the same billing and reimbursement goals.

With all of these built in advantages, it’s no wonder why we always improve our clients’ financial performance.  CBS takes great pride in its continued efforts to provide the highest levels of client satisfaction.

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